New Text Adventure Called The Station Released on Android

Text adventure games were once a popular genre. Sure, this was around 30 to 35 years ago and probably due to lack of computer power, but text adventures had a decent heyday. Now, with new technology and new input ideas, it seems that text adventure games are experiencing a resurgence. The Station is just one of those new experiences available for fans interested in something more intriguing than matching three icons or tapping to build another base.

The Station is billed as a “game book”: the mobile platform name for text adventures as they contain choices and graphics (like those old Choose Your Own Adventure books). As with most adventure games, there is a bit of intrigue to figure out. The Station has your character surviving a head trauma that has brought on memory loss, among many other problems. There are other characters to interact with and figure out what their piece of the story is all about. How you handle the choices you face will change the direction of the story.

The Station Features:
– lasers
– brain damage
– lots of accidents
– vending machines
– zero gravity horror
– one rather short labyrinth
– visually compelling feature list
– linux puzzles, but not too hard ones
– a full menagerie of quirky & annoying maintenance machinery

The reason game books, or text adventures, are interesting is because you can change the outcome as you pursue different agendas. Do you want to make the obvious right choices and move things along quickly? Or will you do your best to be a bad person and get the worst possible outcomes? These are just a few options available in game books like The Station.

The Station by Causa Creations
Genre: Game book/Text adventure
Platform: Android
In App Purchases: No
Rated: T for Teen
Available now on Google Play