New Walking Dead Augmented Reality Game Coming to Android and iPhone

Walking Dead Our World Android iPhone

How do you take a franchise that is known for scary moments and drama and make a game out of it? Well, for years various developers and publishers have tried to bring The Walking Dead to gamers with varying success. For the most part, The Walking Dead games have been solid and generally good. The franchise has everything gamers want – guns, girls, action, guns, zombies, guns, and more. One thing has been missing though. That missing component has been added in The Walking Dead: Our World, coming to Android and iPhone.

That missing component being bringing gamers themselves into the action. All the games based on the Walking Dead have been at least removing the gamer from having a personal stake in the situations they faced. Sure, some of these games did magnificent work at bringing elements of the show to smaller screens but it still was just “there” for the gamer rather than “here” and in their face.

Until now.

The Walking Dead: Our World is bringing the gamer into the game via Augmented Reality. This means you will be fighting zombies in your home, at work, at the supermarket, where ever you are – there could be bloodthirsty zombies just waiting to munch on your warm body.

Augmented Reality and The Walking Dead seem like the perfect combination. Considering how scary zombies can be is one thing, couple that with them being in your face and coming RIGHT AT YOU and it becomes a whole new matter.

I am extremely interested in knowing if The Walking Dead: Our World will feature environment noises made by the player? Imagine, if it does, how cool that could be. Your own footsteps could inadvertently alert the undead in your area as you are attempting to sneak around them. That could add A LOT of tense drama to the action.

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