Nightmare Boy Coming to Nintendo Switch

Fans of Metroidvania style games will want to check out Nightmare Boy as it is now Nintendo Switch bound. Nightmare Boy is a Spanish-made action adventure title that will feature sprawling levels and monsters around every corner. The file size is reported to be about 1.6 gigabytes with a price tag of $15 on the Nintendo Switch eShop on January 16th.

2D platformers like this are not all that common anymore and that makes me sad. I remember the days of 16-bit gaming seeing 2D games everywhere. Then I saw the early 2D action platforming games on the soon to launch PlayStation and Sega Saturn and I was in awe (well more with Saturn as it saw a few 2D games in the USA early on).

The game world is apparently effected by your actions as you play which is cool, though no hard details are available on exactly what changes. Some of the bosses look amazing – like Gunstar Heroes and Contra Hard Corps bosses got the upgrade to modern-ish hardware and we are just seeing the results. That sword wielding skeleton boss is just amazing (he is at the end of the video above if you are looking for him).

Nightmare Boy features not only sprawling levels but a slight horror theme for its aesthetics – something we don’t often see in the few 2D action games we do get. Going off the video above, Nightmare Boy looks interesting. It is probably going to stand out against the more family friendly content that Nintendo is known for – if gamers take a chance on it. Hopefully gamers will take a look at this one and help more games like it come to the Switch, or any platform for that matter.

Source: Contra Network Twitter

Nightmare Boy by The Vanir Project
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: 2D action/adventure, Metroidvania
Rated: Unknown at this time
Available: January 16th, Nintendo Switch eShop