Nintendo Continues Tying Game Content to Amibo Purchases

Super Mario Odyssey Logo

Nintendo are new to the whole In App Purchase business model, only having recently joined the ranks of companies making mobile games. That has not stopped them from giving this business model a makeover by offering certain in-game content with the purchase of physical items. Most notably, their popular line of Amiibo’s. Super Mario Odyssey is set to join the ranks of physical purchases unlocking Downloadasble Content (DLC) in games. Nintendo did this with the new Metroid game for the 3S hand held and they are planning it with at least one Amiibo carrying content for Super Mario Odyssey.

While the extra content for Metroid: Samus Returns is just hard mode and an extra suit, it is still in-game content that is tied to a physical product. There is no, at the time of this writing, method in getting that content WITHOUT resorting to buying the Amiibo in store or online with eBay. This brings up the problem of Internet scalpers that buy up all of the product for such an item and then resell it to fans that just want the content at a much higher than retail price.

Wedding Dress Princess Peach Amiibo

Thankfully, it appears that Nintendo is not going that route with this one piece of Super Mario Odyssey content. If you purchase the “Wedding Dress” Princess Peach variant Amiibo then you can scan the code into Super Mario Odyssey and unlock a wedding dress for Mario. That is one way to unlock this costume addition. According to comments on the Nintendo Daily News Twitter post revealing this news there will be another way to either earn, or purchase, the wedding dress addition in Super Mario Odyssey.

With the news that Nintendo is still going down the route to encourage Amiibo purchases for DLC in games Nintendo is set on this course of physical purchases unlocking digital content. What is also clear is, they have not yet perfected it and are playing with implementing it.

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