Nintendo DS Myst Makes Classic Adventure Portable – Today in History – May 13, 2008

Myst Nintendo DS

Not only is the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection kicking butt on Kickstarter right now, but the Nintendo DS version of the first game turns 10 years old. Who knew way back in 1993 that 15 years later we would have portables powerful enough to run a version of Myst?

The Nintendo DS version of Myst was not all that well accepted by the media or fans. The Metacritic score rests at about 43/100 – not great. Most negative comments about this port center around bad graphics and sound – odd considering everything is pre-rendered.

Myst on the Nintendo DS used both screens. When reading text, you can scroll around with the bottom screen while reading the magnified version on the top screen. Slight changes like this lent themselves well to the Nintendo DS platform.

The interesting thing about the Nintendo DS Myst release, and a good reason to buy it is, the addition of Rime as a playable Age. This new Age features an all new graphic set as well.

For those wondering if the Rime Age is included in the recent Kickstarter for the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection – it is. Rime Age is available in the RealMyst release.

If you are interested in taking Myst on the go then you are going to have a couple of options available. Myst was released for the Nintendo DS, re-released on the Nintendo 3DS, and Sony released the PlayStation version as a PSOne classic for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

Myst is a classic adventure and one that gamers should try.

Grab a copy on eBay or Amazon and get lost in the adventure. No matter the platform you pick Myst up on, it is sure to delight and confound you for many hours.

Thank you Cyan for releasing this franchise and changing adventure games forever.

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