Nintendo Game Boy Could be Your Next Wireless Controller

Nintendo Game Boy wireless controller

When it comes to wireless controllers gamers have plenty of options, few being cross platform though. One fan of not only wireless controllers but the Nintendo Game Boy brand has taken things into his own hands. I apologize, I could not help myself there. Anyhow, what has been created is a cartridge for the Game Boy line of hand helds that allows the classic hardware to be used as a wireless controller. There are limitations at the moment but still, impressive.

First, everything is contained within the cartridge. You are not going to have modify a Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or a Game Boy Advance, in order to get this working. The design documents are available as well if you prefer to build one of these yourself, or you can simply purchase a pre-made one and be done. Me, I would opt for the pre-made as I suck at soldering small points (part of the reason my Halo edition Xbox is still stock).

Inside that cartridge you will find a flash chip containing the code, an ATmega48PA microcontroller and finally an NRF24L01 that handles communication. Don’t worry, the code is available as well – your out of pocket to make this is the parts.

What you will end up having is a USB HID joystick that will, currently, work with computers and the Nintendo GameCube. According to sources, the developer is working on a Super Nintendo compatible version (most likely requiring hardware on the console side of things).

Not only can this mighty little cartridge turn your Game Boy into a wireless controller but it can be used to play games wirelessly between Game Boy hand helds using the cartridge. Now, before you envision playing multiplayer games between you and a friend, it is limited to games made for this cartridge only. It would be interesting to see if a wireless multiplayer cartridge adapter could be developed though. While the market would be small, it would certainly be cool.

Want to check this bad boy out first hand, check the developers website.

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Source: Hackaday