Nintendo Switch Cracked Custom Firmware Coming in 2018

Team Xecuter Nintendo Switch

It was inevitable that we would see the Nintendo Switch hacked. We have seen emulators and ports of Doom running on it and now, we are on the cusp of seeing the first Custom Firmware released. There are many benefits to CFW on devices like this.

My first experience with CFW was with my PSP. I was gifted one by my wife’s parents shortly before I started writing professionally. Since I was the new owner of a popular handheld it was just natural to focus a lot on the games I got for it. There was one problem though – there was no built-in method of taking screen shots. I did some research and discovered a custom firmware mod that would allow users to take screen shots. That was what set me out to learn more about CFW, because Sony didn’t think ahead just one more step.

Anyhow, the Nintendo Switch has that function so what could CFW offer owners other than access to illegal activities such as playing backups and illegally downloaded games? Well, there is the option to play games at a higher frame rate or resolution since they could be “unlocked” while on the go. This would drain the battery quicker of course but when it comes to playing the best version fans often don’t care about battery life.

Other benefits of Custom Firmware are that the console is open to independent developers. This means more games from more developers that may not be able to gain access through the official means. Maybe they don’t care to go through Nintendo and be denied access for whatever reason.

Source: Glacier Gaming

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