Nintendo Switch Emulator Announced, Super Mario Odyssey May Yet Come to Computers

Breath of the Wild

The Nintendo Switch is not quite a year old yet, at least in North America, which makes this announcement rather interesting. The group behind the Nintendo 3DS emulator, Citra, have announced they have created a Nintendo Switch emulator. It is not yet released to the public but these guys have quite a positive track record already, so odds are, they aren’t lying.

The Nintendo Wii U was already emulated and that has helped fuel interest in a Nintendo Switch emulator. It is just a natural progression of yearning for fans.

Part of the reason we are seeing emulators for Nintendo consoles so soon after release is that Nintendo is not on the cutting edge of gaming. They work with mature technology and focus a lot on custom controllers to give that trademark ‘Nintendo’ experience.

Yuzu, as it is being called by the development team, is touted as “…does all of the things you didn’t need it to do…” That is interesting. What could that mean?

What will be interesting is how gamers get the BIOS file, the Allspark so to speak, of the Nintendo Switch onto their computers. We already know Nintendo is not going to play nice with fans over something like this and will actively shut down public sharing of their copyrighted material. That is their right to do, and they will.

Also, how might a freely available emulator impact sale of the Nintendo Switch itself? Since the games are not on optical media, or are digital downloads, it is not that easy to get them onto a computer without doing so illegally. That means an emulator for the Nintendo Switch cannot even fall back on the guise of helping sell games for the platform.

When we see Yuzu hit, or more news becomes available, I will be there reporting on it.


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