Nintendo Switch Hacked, Emulators and PC Ports Already Running

Nintendo Switch

Well this didn’t take all that long. It seems that the Nintendo Switch has been hacked. What was this, a year or so? We already know about the emulator for the Nintendo Switch, now we see emulators ON the Nintendo Switch. The fun thing is, it is not just emulators already running on the newest Nintendo console, portable (?), but they have already gotten some PC game ports running.

Emulators running on the Nintendo Switch include ones for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Super NES, and Game Boy Advance. I seem to see a pattern here that Sega is not getting any love so far. Can we get someone on that? I would love to be able to play some Sega Dreamcast on the go with the Nintendo Switch.

The usual PC ports are already running on the Nintendo Switch – mainly Doom. Yep, Doom. This is the title that kicked First Person Shooters into the mainstream, and grand daddy to the super detailed latest entry of the franchise, aptly named Doom as well.

Me personally, I am all for stuff like this. These are the types of hacks and additions to the library that get gamers to buy new tech. I know, who buys $300 hardware just to play Doom or Super NES games. Well, considering the lack of physical controls on cell phones today, and the lack of a Super Nintendo portable that plays nearly everything (and uses flash memory so getting homebrew and independent releases on it is cheap) is simply not available.

While ports of games going on 30 years old and emulators for consoles that are even older are not going to force the Nintendo Switch off store shelves, they certainly broaden the breadth of interest that games would give this console.

Cracking a closed source console is step one in giving more longevity. Companies won’t support these platforms forever. Over on Retro Gaming Magazine I cover plenty of instances where fans are supporting classic consoles that the original creators have long since left to die. That is why I support cracking consoles like this.

Source: ResetEra

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