Nintendo Switch Receiving Night Trap with Extras

Anyone old enough to remember the original run for Night Trap? If so, you probably remember the underhanded way that Howard Lincoln, acting executive vice president of Nintendo of America, back stabbed Sega at the senate hearings in December 1993. During those hearings, Mr. Lincoln clearly stated, paraphrasing here, that Night Trap would never appear on a Nintendo console. Well, Mr. Lincoln, we have unwelcome news for you, besides your being a douche to the video game world that day, Night Trap is coming to the Nintendo Switch. With extras.

Don’t worry if you are not old enough to remember those famous words by Mr. Lincoln, the Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition reveal video has a refresher included.

While Night Trap is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch, if you grab a physical copy, make sure to get the one with the steelbook, long box Sega CD jewel case and a VHS tape of the game scenes edited into a movie.

Sure, there will be an eShop version, but you won’t get all that cool swag.

Okay, for those that don’t know about Night Trap, first – when did you start gaming? Seriously though, this is one of the most iconic Full Motion Video games ever released. I am not sure how much of that reverence is because it was featured in a Congressional hearing or the fact that for a period, it was recalled. In all honesty, the game is quite limited but still some fun can be had in all its cheesy glory here.

How many readers know the original platform that Night Trap was intended for? I will give you a hint, it was not the Sega CD, which was the first platform it released on.

What was great about Night Trap is that it heralded in a new wave of games. Something that the ailing CD attachment to consoles era needed. The Turbo Grafx-16  CD-ROM attachment was not flying off shelves ($400 in late 1980’s money was a lot) and the Sega CD while fairing better still was not as hot as Sega hoped.

Full Motion Video (FMV) games were the ticket, Sega thought so to the point of launching a special development studio for them (and other CD-ROM based games). Night Trap, though, was not one of Sega’s properties, though they published it on their Sega CD platform (Digital Pictures, the owners of the game would later release Night Trap on 3DO as well).

Anyhow, soon thanks to Limited Run Games, fans will finally be able to enjoy Night Trap on a Nintendo platform – and with that, Hell has probably frozen over.

Source: Nintendo Force Twitter

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