Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Reaction Video Surfaces

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros is an iconic game franchise for Nintendo. Having launched on the Nintendo 64 many years ago, Super Smash Bros is certainly a great series. This is an ideal case of Nintendo being Nintendo. They have a knack for doing the unusual with their characters. They made Mario a pharmacist in Dr. Mario, they made him a race car driver in Mario Kart, he has been to space, he has been to fantasy land, he has done just about everything but be a plumber. In the Super Smash Bros franchise, Mario is also a fighter. Now, this franchise is coming to the Nintendo Switch and the reaction from fans in a Nintendo Direct in New York is priceless.

The video starts with a Splatoon themed fight and then quickly turns into an all out hysterical mess within the audience as it is revealed that this is not another Splatoon game. Instead, it is an announcement trailer for Super Smash Bros coming the Nintendo Switch.

Now, after watching the video above, you are probably thinking, the reaction by the crowd is stupid. They are paid or something. I am here to tell you, in my eyes, it is great to see this type of reaction from gamers. Not resellers (which I do on the side) getting excited at the latest item they can hoard and sell (not what I do). This is not investors getting excited over new profit charts showing huge gains. No, this is something else.

This is fans. This is a group of people that want the game. They want to enjoy Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch and their reaction clearly shows this. This is great.

I remember the wait lines for the latest release at stores like Electronics Boutique and other stores back in the 90’s. I remember the excitement of pre-paying for Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation. I remember the thrill of the hunt and excitement going to the only store that had a copy of Super Mario Bros 3 in stock.

That is something we will lose with digital releases. The thrill of the hunt, the thrill of being around other fans when something hits. That makes this reaction by the fans even more heartwarming. If you don’t find it at least a little cool then I must ask, what type of gamer are you? I am here to play and enjoy games first and foremost.

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