NVIDIA Shield 2 Portable, Unreleased to Public, Found in Pawn Shop

NVIDIA Shield 2 Development Unit

If you are a mobile gamer then the NVIDIA Shield is probably the ultimate piece of hardware to play on. Released in 2013 we saw the Shield take off and become quite popular, despite the prohibitive cost of entry. A follow up hardware release was imminent. Even NVIDIA felt so because they filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which Android Police revealed to the world way back in January of this year. Now, we have found out that a Reddit user has not only discovered this unreleased hardware, but has purchased it. From a pawn shop of all places.

What this lucky Canadian gamer got was a development unit that was not intended for consumer use. That is obvious. What is not obvious is how this development unit ended up on a pawn shop shelf in Canada. Was it owned by a former employee that left the company (voluntarily or not) or was it possibly lynched and sold illegally (would be hard to prove either way). Considering NVIDIA is not going after the Reddit user we can safely assume it is not considered stolen merchandise or something they would rather have back in their possession (either by legal means or by financial exchange).

NVIDIA Shield 2 Specs
Image credit – Imgur

No matter what, this is an interesting find. It shows that at some point NVIDIA was planning on continuing the NVIDIA Shield line of hand held devices. Too bad they didn’t follow through with it.

What gamers would have gotten in the NVIDIA Shield 2 would have been slightly smaller form factor versus the original model. As you can see in the above specs pic, the device was going to be rather powerful in comparison to similar devices coming out of China.

This begs the question, why hasn’t anyone, other than NVIDIA and a handful of Chinese manufacturer’s, attempted to make a viable gaming device running Android? The hardware would be locked down making development of new games easy to optimize for the hardware. It just boggles my mind that we don’t see more of these units appearing for many price points – budget up to the Cadillac models.

I think this could be a huge market if someone would capitalize on it. Work with current developers to create optimized versions of their games for a specific piece of hardware and show what Android can do in the right hands (or without having to worry about a million plus configurations like PC game developers have to do).

Source: Reddit

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