Gamify your life with LifeRPG! (Android)

Do you like RPG’s? Do you have problems organizing yourself? Do you have problems of motivation when doing things? Or do you just want a schedule? LifeRPG gives you everything of the above, and even more!

So, the other day I was in the PlayStore. I was looking for something fun and new to try, and I stumbled upon this app. It got my attention just by reading the description, so I downloaded it and decided to try it. It seemed like something a retrogamer would enjoy, for the way everything is done. And boy, I’m glad I did.

LifeRPG is, basically, a schedule app. If you want the simple version, that is. But, let’s see what this incredible tool can let us do!

  • Customize your profile: LifeRPG permits us to customize our own profiles. Letting us select an Icon, a Name, and even a Class! Like if you were playing a RPG. For example, if you are a musician, you can have a guitar, a piano, a sax, whatever instrument you want as an icon. Then, you can call yourself what you want, and, as a class, you can have “Bard” “Musician” or, honestly, whatever you can come up with!
  • Set up missions: of course there must be missions, this is an RPG! You can create one time missions and schedule them, create missions that will repeat X number of times per week, or even create great quests which, in order for completion to be done, you must finish every mission of the quest. But, what would be a mission without a reward? Nothing. And that is why you can, when creating a mission, select the level of difficulty, the level of urgency and the level of fear of the mission. Then, the system will automatically calculate the amount of experience the mission will give.
  • Skills: you can set up how many skills you want. So, for example, if you want some RPG style, and you are a musician, you can set that every mission that has something to do with music will add experience to your Dexterity, or to your Intelligence, and this skills will level up with some time.
  • Rewards: you can set up a certain amount of RP. Said RP, you can use it to buy rewards that you yourself will decide.

Those are the primary functions. There is a lot more you can do in the app. You can set up sounds for when you complete a quest, when you fail one, or when you level up. You can add extra info for each mission. You have two homescreen widgets, one shows missions due for that day, and the other shows a progress bar.

Overall, LifeRPG is a productivity app. And, if I may, a great one. Specially for those who love gaming. If I must rate it, it would have, for all its functions and for how fun it is, a solid 6.7/10.