Star Wars Last Jedi Wallpapers from OnePlus 5T Available

Star Wars the Last Jedi

Star Wars fans are an interesting lot. Much like any fan really, I guess. The hardcore among them like to collect anything with the logo, characters, etc on it. Including digital items such as phone wallpapers. Luckily for Star Wars

Oddworld New n Tasty Launches on Android

Oddworld New n Tasty

Retro gaming fans, where are you? Who remembers Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee on the Sony PlayStation console? For the few of you reading this that do no remember that title, it is high on your required gaming at your early convenience

Atari Jaguar Emulator Comes to Android Platform

Aliens vs Predator Atari Jaguar

Emulation and Android are almost synonymous with each other. There are plenty of options, both free and paid, available for just about every popular platform to see the light of day (anyone working on a Nemo emulator?). Now, we can

Kill Shot Bravo Review – Take War to Your iPhone or Android Device

Kill Shot Bravo Android

Forget a story. Forget getting caught up in twists and turns with fictional characters. Kill Shot Bravo simply does one thing and does it well. You are put in the shoes of a soldier of many trades and must prove

The Alchemist Code Review

The Alchemist Code

Ever since I first played Gemfire by Koei on the Nintendo SNES, I have been hooked on turn based strategy role playing games. This is a category that I feel mobile platforms are severely lacking in as well. The Alchemist

Space Race 3D Review, It Is No Wipeout

Space Race 3D

First, you may be wondering why am I reviewing a generic racer like Space Race 3D? Well, simple, to alert you to games that look great but are not worth your time unless you are a die-hard fanatic of the

Sky Force Reloaded Review

Sky Force Reloaded

I first discovered this franchise on an old HP iPaq PDA that I picked up second hand around 2008 or 2009. I have always been attracted to 2.5D games, I really like the additional sense of depth you get with

Grand Shooter – 3D Gun Game on Android Review, Virtua Cop Gets Paid Mad Respect

Grand Shooter Virtua Cop Android

The Virtua Cop franchise, I remember playing these games fondly in the dingy arcade on the first floor of Park Plaza Mall here in Little Rock and at home on my Sega Saturn. I remember playing Virtua Cop 1 a

Digger A Quest for Hidden Gems on Android Review

Digger A Quest for Hidden Gems

Digger A Quest for Hidden Gems is one of those hybrid games that, on paper, should not work but somehow it defies logic and does work. What do I mean? This is a mix between Bejeweled and those miner games

Huawei Ascend XT Review

Huawei Logo

I used to be a ZTE guy. My last three phones were all ZTE devices except for that foray into Windows Phones with Nokia Lumia devices (a 521 on T-Mobile and a 635 on AT&T). Now, I am a Huawei