Pettson’s Inventions 3 Brings Back The Incredible Machine Style Gaming

Anyone that has been gaming since the early 90’s will probably remember a game called The Incredible Machine.  This was an electronic interpretation of Rube Goldberg style puzzles.  For those that don’t know, the idea is to use dissimilar items together in an effort to solve problems that are off the wall and somewhat bizarre.  Pettson’s Inventions 3 is a game in that style and it is now available for Android.

Using saws, balloons, buckets and animals in one puzzle is norm for Pettson’s Inventions 3 challenges.  Seriously.  The Incredible Machine did not feature things from the animal kingdom – keeping more with the inanimate objects you would find around the house.

Pettson’s Inventions 3 features 36 inventions to solve, six areas and voice tracks in English, German and Swedish languages.  This game also features original artwork by creator Pettson, Sven Nordqvist himself.  What is cool about Pettson’s Invention 3 is that there are no In App Purchases and there are no advertisements.  This is a refreshing change of pace versus other mobile games that charge an upfront fee and then still stick IAP and ads in the face of players.

If you have a younger gamer in mind for Pettson’s Inventions 3 you may have to help them with some of the later levels, especially if they are really young.  For the most part kids are quite smart at these things and may find the colorful graphics and combination of weird objects interesting.  Pettson’s Inventions 3 will definitely help them think outside the box as they find solutions that involve a cow, bowling ball or bucket among other things.

If you remember The Incredible Machine fondly (like I do, I played it on the 3DO) then you will probably be interested in Pettson’s Inventions 3.

Pettson’s Inventions 3 by Filimundus AB
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Android
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play