Piko Interactive Announce Pre-Orders for New Games

Piko Interactive, the independent publishing company that won’t quit, has just announced another round of cool games for classic consoles. For those that do not know who Piko Interactive is, maybe you have heard of some of their releases including Legend, Dorke and Ymp, Iron Commando (all for Super Nintendo) or Super 3D Noah’s Ark (SNES, Steam and soon Sega Genesis). Piko have acquired the rights to a lot of interesting titles across many platforms that will surely interest our readers here at Retro Gaming Magazine.

First up, we have a trio of Sega Genesis games. Starting with Super 3D Noah’s Ark, a title that many felt was impossible to create. Any gamer that lived through the 16-Bit wars knows the Sega Genesis is not a powerhouse in the 3D environment category. Sure, we got titles in this category such as Zero Tolerance, they were rare pieces of gaming tech. Piko have even taken on the challenge of bringing Duke Nukem 3D to the world, formerly a Brazilian exclusive, so the company is well versed in making the Genesis do things people think are impossible, or near it.

Super 3D Noah’s Ark is just like the SNES and PC versions – which is a reskin, and removal of all violence, version of Wolfenstein 3D. You will use fruit and a slingshot in your quest on the Ark (the animals are unruly).

Next up we have Custodian, another new title that Piko brought to consoles via the Atari Jaguar and now the Sega Genesis. This is a 2D side scrolling action game that was originally released on the Atari ST computer. I am rather interested in seeing how it comes off on the Sega Genesis.

Finally, rounding out the Sega Genesis portion of this article, we have Brave Battle Saga – The Legend of the Magic Warrior. Turn based role-playing fans will want to grab Brave Battle Saga. If you are familiar with battles in Capcom’s Breath of Fire game then you will recognize a familiar scene in Brave Battle Saga. The story of this formerly Taiwanese exclusive game involves a world that recognizes technology and magic respectively being destroyed by a catastrophic event and how the survivors rebuild without technology. After thousands of years, someone discovers the forgotten technology and brings it into use signaling a return of demons and other monsters that are not interested in co-existence.

Piko are not forgetting the Nintendo Entertainment System. Noah’s Ark, formerly a PAL region exclusive, is now available for the rest of the world to enjoy. If you think Bible games have to be boring then you have not played Piko’s take on them. Noah’s Ark is a run and gun style game that is like greats in the category like Konami’s Contra franchise. If you cannot get past the cartoony graphics and premise then you are missing out on an interesting action game.

Continuing the Nintendo love, Piko are bringing out The Humans for the Super Nintendo. This franchise was competition for The Lemmings series back in the day, or at least was positioned as such. Fans of the Atari Jaguar may remember the beautiful levels and backgrounds that were featured in the early Atari Jaguar port of this game. The Humans on Super Nintendo is expected to carry over a lot of that graphical power along with some great tunes and of course, noggin knocking puzzles.

Also for the Super Nintendo is Pinkie! This was an unreleased platforming game designed for the Commodore Amiga by Data Design Interactive. 2D side scrolling action platform fans will want to check out this game – NTSC pre-orders will get a colored Pinkie! cartridge.

Finally, we have some support for the Game Boy Color. The follow up hand held to Nintendo’s hugely successful portable platform was still quite formidable in the market. That means there were more than a few unreleased games that slipped through the cracks. Piko Interactive have rescued Tyrannosaurus Tex from that oblivion and now have pre-orders open for anyone that wants to bring this guy home, on the road, or where ever you play. What is unique about Tyrannosaurus Tex is that it is a first-person shooter, something we didn’t see a lot of on the Game Boy and Game Boy Color platform.

Head over to Piko Interactive to place your pre-order for these great games while you can. Your support helps Piko bring out more great games that we would otherwise miss out on.

Carl has been gaming on the go since the days of Tiger Electronics and the original Game Boy. Portability is a big factor in gaming across all ages.