Piko Interactive’s Broken Circle on Steam Greenlight

When you think of new games for old platforms you may think of hacks or illegal reproductions of rarer titles.  Piko Interactive do not partake in either of those, rather they purchase the rights to the games, fix them and in many cases, finish them.  After all of that, Piko releases the game to the fans as it was meant to be.  Broken Circle is one such title which is now going through the Steam Greenlight process- also available on Game Boy Advance cartridge.

The backstory to how Broken Circle came to be is quite interesting.  About 12 years ago, an artist entered and won a contest which resulted in him receiving a publishing contract for a game.  Not having programming skills of his own, this artist- Elvis Morelli, partnered up with 7 Raven Studios’ Francesco Marra.  Together the team worked on Broken Circle for the Game Boy Advance.

Unfortunately, by the time Broken Circle was done, the company that was contractually obligated to publish it- declined.  7 Raven Studios and Mr. Morelli were left in the cold.  Another bad timing problem here was that the Game Boy Advance was at the end of its life by now, meaning nobody wanted to publish more games for Nintendo’s hand held.  A cool game was shelved.

Piko Interactive, not being happy with leaving an interesting title like that laying on the cutting room floor has resurrected Broken Circle.  Now, if you vote for Broken Circle to get approved via Steam Greenlight, a whole new era of fans will be able more likely to check out what we could have gotten years ago.

If you are looking for an old school, 2D, turn based role playing game then this game should at least earn your vote, if not purchase.

Broken Circle is waiting for your vote on Steam Greenlight right now.  If you are interested in purchasing a physical copy of Broken Circle on the Game Boy Advance then hit the Piko Interactive website.