Plants vs Zombies Android Review, Classic Still Holds Up

Plants vs Zombies

Most mobile games don’t hold up that well to the test of time. Either due to dated graphics or lacking game play, mobile games have a tougher time than other platforms. Plants vs Zombies is a mobile title that came out many years ago and has had an interesting life cycle. We have only received one sequel that was even remotely similar to the first game. Other sequels have taken the original idea and inserted it into other genres like it was a Mario franchise. Those are for another time though as this review is the original game that came out in 2009 for iPhone and 2011 for Android.

First, I hate, hate, tower defense games. They simply offer very little interesting game play to me. They offer even less challenge that is not handled better by In App Purchases than with skill or understanding the situation the game presents. That is probably why I am surprised that I like Plants vs. Zombies so much.

At its heart, we have a tower defense game. Plain and simple.

The differences are where the devil lives with this game versus others in the genre. First, while this is essentially a tower defense game, it is a unique take on the genre. The screen is still broken into paths, like genre mainstays require, and the enemies come at you in set patterns, again just exactly as the genre dictates they do.

Your defenses are placed on these paths wherever you wish which gives you a bit more freedom than most tower defense games do. There is also a collecting aspect since you need resources to plant new plants for your defense.This collecting aspect is also handled in a unique way. While other games of this genre might have you harvest the remains of enemies for resources, or hold certain areas of the map – that is not so with Plants vs Zombies.

Plants vs Zombies

Plants need sun to survive and that is exactly what you are collecting. Sun.

Either from Sunflowers you plant (get it?). They produce extra sun for you to use to build up your defenses. Sun also falls from the sky at regular intervals.

Each piece of sun is worth 25 units. Each plant and powerup requires X number of sun units to plant. Some require a time period to pass before they are usable in the level.

The level of strategy that Plants vs Zombies offers is quite deep. Do you go for the quick offense when the zombies are slower or do you plan ahead for later waves?

Early on the zombies are a pushover. Later levels present new challenges as the zombies gain powers that make them more dangerous than ever before.

These are not zombies like you saw in Night of the Living Dead. No these zombies are slower moving and do not really understand how to do much more than eat and lumber lazily one direction.

If the zombies breach your defenses you have one last line of defense in lawn mowers that can take down any zombie in the line. Once those lawn mowers are gone in the level any further zombies will simply waltz into your home and eat your brains.

You don’t want that. Seriously.

Playing Plants vs Zombies again, after months of PUBG Mobile and tons of other games over the years is refreshing. The simplicity of the action, the challenge, the uniqueness of it all just rocks.

If you are new to Plants vs Zombies then you need to start with the first. If you like it, then go get the direct sequel and stop there.

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Plants vs Zombies by Popcap
Platform: Android (Ascend XT2 used for review) and iPhone among other platforms
Genre: Tower Defense
In App Purchases: Yes (this is an Electronic Arts company)
Rated: Everyone 10+ on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.