Plumber Crack Review, Say No to Crack

Plumber Crack

How do you review a game where the whole point is to throw objects at the butt crack of another person? For me, it was hard to stop playing for one. The object of Plumber Crack is not much different than other Fluik releases such as Office Jerk and Office Zombie. You are using your finger to flick up the screen to send an object towards its destination in the game. With Plumber Crack your job has gotten harder as the object here, the repair man/woman is constantly shifting back and forth. The question is, do you want to flick objects into the pants of another person?

There are multiple scenes to choose from and as mentioned before, you can throw objects at a male butt crack (Norm) or a female one (Betty). Plumber Crack is definitely one of those gamifications of a point in life that we all have been through yet still find ourselves looking even though we don’t want to.

Initially I was wondering what the point of this game was. Then after playing for a bit, earning some coins and multipliers, and even a few “Crack Bucks” I started going for streaks with my throws. Crack Bucks are used to buy items to throw, new outfits for the subject of your objects, tattoos to decorate their lower backs, etc. Of course, earning these Crack Bucks is where the grind comes in – prepare to see a lot of butt crack before you unlock everything available (or simply buy the needed Crack Bucks with real cash).

When you first start playing Plumber Crack you are limited to throwing ice cubes. Other objects available for purchase with Crack Bucks include peanuts and even donuts among many others (currently there are about 15 different items to throw). Talk about diversity.

There are several scenes available to have your repair person working on. Grown tired of the kitchen sink scene? How about a garden? Golf course? Computer under the desk? I must hand it to Fluik, they are at least adding new scenes and objects to keep things interesting.

There are also multiple modes of play available. Arcade is the standard two misses and you are done mode while Zen allows you to simply play till you have achieved the number of Crack Bucks you need for that costume or item. Sharpshooter is just like the name implies and so is Time Challenge.

Plumber Crack

As you sink objects into the butts of Norm or Betty you will notice coins flying out and landing on the ground. This is where the grinding takes place. As you improve your aim and timing you will be able to increase the coin multiplier – making those coins hitting the ground of higher value. On the left is a meter that fills up as you earn coins – the goal being a Crack Buck. Every once in awhile there is a special surprise box that falls out along with the coins. These prize boxes are hiding different things – often Crack Bucks.

If you find that playing with Norm is too easy then give Betty a chance. She represents a smaller overall target for your objects as she shifts back and forth a lot more than Norm. Keeping a long streak alive with Betty is near on impossible, at least without a TON of practice.

Plumber Crack features over 50 achievements to collect, though you will have to get over having this game listed among your other achievements. For many, that is no problem as Plumber Crack is nearing 100,000 star reviews on Google Play and is purportedly installed on 5 million to 10 million Android devices alone.

Plumber Crack is not for everyone. I personally grew tired of it rather quickly, even with the newer updates to the basic game it just wasn’t enough to keep me interested. I am also the type of gamer that got tired of Office Jerk quickly as well, so it is not inherently something wrong with Plumber Crack itself. I just prefer to do more than flick my finger up the screen in hopes of scoring points. Just doesn’t seem all that interesting to me.

There are In App Purchases to be on the watch for if you leave your device unattended often. Giving Plumber Crack to younger players to keep them entertained will probably work depending on their sense of humor. There isn’t any “adult” material here other than showing a bit of a butt though I can understand some parents want to avoid that with their kids.

Plumber Crack

If you are bored, want something that is clearly in the “WTF” category then give Plumber Crack a try. Just don’t expect a long involved and detailed story to keep you entertained. What you see is quite literally what you get with this one.

Plumber Crack by Fluik
Platform: Android (Ascend XT used for review) and iPhone
Genre: Casual, physics based
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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