Pokemon Go Coming to iPhone and Android


As yet there is no oficial release date for, Nintendo’s, Pokemon Go. It is an eagerly awaited release for 2016. What is known that it will be available on both i Phone and Android.  From both the App Store and Google play.  It is expected to be free but with in game add ons.

Pokemon Go, is expected to break new ground in game play interactivity, allowing a more real world experience via a blue tooth connectable device called ‘Pokemon Go Plus’.

It will allow Pokemon Go players, to explore real neighborhoods and communities.

Players wont even require to look at their smartphone as the ‘Pokemon Go Plus’  device will alert them of game updates.Pokemon_Go_Nintendo_Android_iPhone (1)

The premise, will be for Pokemon Go players to be truely interactive, to discover other Pokémon, other friends and users in the real world.