Pokémon GO Fuelling Collector Frenzy?

So, I was browsing through ebay’s Game Boy carts (as collectors do!) and noticed that there’s a lot of original Red, Blue and Yellow Pokémon games that have sold for more than a few hundred pounds recently. I guess the popularity of Pokémon GO could be fueling high collector prices as people try to recapture their youth.


Here’s the top ten Game Boy cart sales by sold price on ebay for last 30 days:

  1. Pokémon Yellow (cart only) £7,400
  2. Super Mario Land (sealed in box) £1,600
  3. Castlevania: Belmont’s Revenge £675
  4. Mega Man V (boxed) £413
  5. Pokémon Blue (sealed in box) £402
  6. Pokémon TCG, Red, Blue & Yellow (boxed) £383
  7. Pokémon Red (sealed in box) £371
  8. Pokémon Yellow (sealed in box) £371
  9. Kid Dracula (boxed) £336
  10. Golf (sealed in box) £331

Not sure why somebody would pay that much for just a cart of Pokémon Yellow, even if they are an avid collector. It’s not like it’s signed and started at only £20, but the other values could be legit.

I remember buying Pokémon Red shortly after it was published in the UK to see what all the fuss was about. I also bought Pokémon Blue so that I could try the trading aspect (being a geek, I didn’t have any friends 😉 ). After completing Red (which took a while and I never got around to catching ’em all!) I also couldn’t resist buying up the other games in the series when I saw second hand copies in my local video game stores (all in the name of ‘research’ you understand!). So somewhere in my collection is Pokémon Yellow, Silver, Gold and Crystal, as well as Ruby & Sapphire for the GBA. Somebody (not me, I must add) is even listing an ‘official’ Pokémon GO set of Game Boy carts for a mere £999 (affiliate link) with no box or manuals, but all in an official Pokémon Pikachu backpack!.

Super Mario Land came with my original grey brick of a Game Boy back in the 90’s and was the first Mario game I owned. Golf was a brilliantly understated game that was perfect for gaming on the go. Definitely my favourite golf game on any format, thanks to the terrain arrows that showed the slope when on the green.

So if you’re in need of some extra cash, now might be the time to rummage through your Game Boy collection and see if you can strike gold. Or if you’re a collector looking to bag yourself some nostalgia, shop around and you can probably pick up the same game to play or collect for a lot less (just beware of fakes and carts that don’t work!). Here’s some low priced Pokémon carts to get you started.