Pokémon special: Gold/Silver/Crystal

Hey guys! How are you all? Well, after a fairly long time, I bring you the second part of this special. In this part, we shall cover generation 2 of pokémon. Well then, let’s get started!

So, what happened in generation 2?

Lots of things.

One of the important ones is the introduction of the night and day cycle. Do you remember when that first came out? It was total madness. The idea of pokémons that could only be caught at night or day, the two Eevee evolutions that were introduced one which could only be obtained when evolving at night and the other at day… It was mind-blowing.

Speaking about newly-introduced pokémons, in gen 2 there were new tons of them.  New evolutions, completely new pokémons, a whole pokédex to fill, and both Kanto and Johto to explore… Really, it was complete madness.

So, what differences are there between the first game and this one?

Is this one better?


Well, speaking about differences, you could say the magnitude of the game. I mean, Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal is literally double of big when compared with the first one. Then, you would have technical things, like graphics, sound effects, etcetera.

And, when asked which one is better…

I should say that this one. It improved everything, added more things, and did all this without a single flaw.

Until the first section of the game ends (when you travel to Kanto) you can think of it as a tutorial. A really long one. But, it is when you get to Kanto that the real challenge comes. You have to get all eight Kanto gym badges, and then challenge the league. Still, easier said than done, for you won’t have to win against Brock’s dumb geodude. No. Every gym leader is way stronger than you remember, and some of them even changed. Then, when you finish the league for the second time, a new path is open. Mt. Silver. You level up as much as you can, and then enter this mountain, not really knowing what you are going to find. Still, as you climb, you notice that things are way harder than they are in the outside. But then, you finally get to the top. And, what you see, perplexes you. Trainer Red is there, and is waiting for a battle. But, oh boy does he give one. With his over leveled pokémon team, and his AI that surpasses by a milestone that of regular NPC’s, he is the toughest trainer you will ever find in the game. Still, you somehow manage to beat him, and then you crown yourself and the strongest trainer.


It could not seem as much, but… When you were a boy back in the day, when the colored pixels of the Gameboy Color surprised you, and you wanted an adventure, you found yourself within your character. You grew with him, and he grew with you. You both overcame obstacles. You both overcame fierce battles. And, in the end, as one, you became the strongest trainer ever. Well, that until a friend came and destroyed you when having a battle together.


Still, this is all for today.

It may not seem like a review, but… Why say otherwise? It is not. Nostalgia struck me while writing this, since Crystal was my first Pokémon game. And, so, I wanted to share this nostalgia with you guys, and see how many of you also have it. But well, that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed it.

And, until the next time we see, Darkaray, is out!.