Pokemon Trading Card Game Brings Trading Card Game to Game Boy: Today in History- April 10th, 2000

To say Pokemon has been a cash cow for Nintendo is quite an understatement. From the original cards to the cartoon/movies and games based on this franchise, Nintendo definitely made the right choice in bringing it over to North America. One game in particular would seem to go against the spirit of the card game by not allowing purchase of more cards. That game is Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Game Boy, and Game Boy Color.

Pokemon Trading Card Game features all of the cards released beteen 1998 and 1999, and more than a couple of exclusive to the game cards. Since the Game Boy/Color had no Internet connection, and In App Purchases weren’t popularized yet, Nintendo was kind of forced to give players more content than would be provided in today’s market.

For those unfamiliar with Pokemon Trading Card Game, at least the video game version, you are tasked with collecting all of the cards in the game, much like the show and other media. Travelling and competing in challenges with other players will earn you booster packs of random cards.

pokemon trading card game boy

Battles are just like the actual card game, turn based affairs and winner takes all.  Nintendo has not re-leased Pokemon Trading Card Game on any newer platforms so interested gamers are stuck going to sites like Ebay and Game Gavel for a copy.