Portable Final Burn Alpha Brings Arcade Classics to Nintendo Switch

Considering the Nintendo Switch has been opened up to the independent homebrew community, it is was just a matter of time before emulators started appearing. One of the early ones is PFBA (Portable Final Burn Alpha). What is unique about this one is just what it brings to the table for classic arcade fans that own a Nintendo Switch. Hint, a lot.

Here is a full list of platforms that Final Burn Alpha supports (no information yet on if these are all supported in PFBA yet):

  • Capcom
    • CPS-1, CPS-2 and CPS-3
  • Cave
  • Data East
    • DEC-0, DEC-8 and DECO IC16
  • Galaxian based hardware
  • IGS PGM (PolyGame Master)
  • Irem
    • M62, M63, M72, M90, M92 and M107
  • Kaneko 16
  • Konami
  • Neo-Geo MVS
  • NMK16
  • Pacman based hardware
  • Psikyo 68EC020 and SH-2 based hardware
  • SEGA
    • System 1, 16 e 18, X and Y-Board
  • Super Kaneko Nova System
  • Taito
    • Taito F2, X, Z and others
  • Toaplan
    • Toaplan 1 and 2
  • Miscellaneous drivers for lots of other hardware
  • Consoles
    • ColecoVision
    • NEC PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16/SuperGrafx
    • SEGA Master System/Game Gear
    • SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis
    • SEGA SG-1000

This means you can, or soon will be able to, play classics such as the Street Fighter franchise, King of Fighters, the Bonk franchise on Turbo Grafx-16, R-Type, tons of Neo Geo games, Capcom arcade games from CPS-1, CPS-2, and CPS-3 hardware and a lot more.

This is a work in progress so there may be some bugs and other problems. That is to be expected. As development on PFBA improves, so will the compatibility of older games on the Nintendo Switch.

What game are you most excited to play on your Nintendo Switch? Is it Phantasy Star IV (because Sega sucks at giving fans a new Phantasy Star)? Is it Smurf Rescue on the ColecoVision console?

Following up on that, what platform that is missing would you like to see added to Portable Final Burn Alpha? If you could play any console or hardware on Switch, what would it be?

Source: GBATemp forums, or Github if you just want the files.

Carl has been gaming on the go since the days of Tiger Electronics and the original Game Boy. Portability is a big factor in gaming across all ages.