Potential Dark Side to Current Gamestop Nintendo Switch Trade-In Offer

Nintendo Switch Diablo III Edition

The early adopters of new hardware are effectively the guinea pigs so to speak. Especially here lately as new hardware revisions are introduced as brand new extensions of the previous hardware. This has happened with the Xbox One, Xbox One S, then the Xbox One X. Same for PlayStation 4, then PlayStation 4 Pro. Nintendo has pulled this with their DS/3DS line of hand helds too. They could be pulling a more traditional update with their Switch console though, not necessarily better hardware in some way, but more of a patching of the software and fixing physical problems of the hardware. There is something fishy going on though with this Gamestop Nintendo Switch “switch” event.

First, the details on the deal. Clicking on the trade page on the Gamestop website you will see a list of various special offers. One such offer is the Nintendo Switch (currently on top of the list). On the surface, it looks like an interesting trade. $200 credit towards a special Diablo III edition Nintendo Switch when trading in an older model Nintendo Switch. This deal brings that special edition Switch down to about $160 out of pocket, or additional trades.

Sounds great, right? You can get rid of your old Nintendo Switch that may have been effected by heat bends, has worn Joy-Con’s, etc.

Gamestop Nintendo Switch Diablo III Edition

The dark side is, you may be getting rid of a Nintendo Switch that is easily hacked and capable of running homebrew and other independently created games and software.

While hacking the later iterations of the Nintendo Switch will surely be available, eventually, it is not sure how long that could be. Even the once believed Sony PlayStation Portable 3000 model was eventually hacked and made able to run independent homebrew.

Unless you are a die-hard Diablo III fan then this trade deal may not be all that great for you. The game is $60 anyhow and a new set of Joy Cons will set you back about that. Combined, that is still less than you will pay for the special edition Nintendo Switch in this deal.

Source: Gamestop via Kotaku