Power Rangers Legacy Wars eSports Championship Launches

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Android and iPhone Tournament

It is hard to deny the power of the Power Rangers brand. While many people will recognize it as a reworking of the Voltron series, Power Rangers has far surpassed the reach that classic cartoon ever could have hoped for. Power Rangers has also done something not many kids programs have accomplished. The television show has transcended the original group that launched it, and transcended the many groups that followed – each with at least a fair amount of success. Enough success to continue the series. Eventually Power Rangers found its way to gaming and earlier this year one of the better games based on the property was released on Android and iPhone. Power Rangers Legacy Wars now has an eSports challenge that launched today.

Gamers that qualified online are either battling it out as you read this or they are preparing for their turn in the fight. If you are not familiar with Power Rangers Legacy Wars, it is an icon based fighting game. Gone are the small control pads and action buttons that you are required to perform wild button combinations on. Instead, there are three icons on the screen, each relates to an action your fighter can perform. Each also takes energy which slowly builds back up. Swiping left and right moves your fighter around the level to avoid, or set up, attacks. This brings up a ton of strategy in a fighting game that at first site appears to be quite shallow.

Saban’s Power Rangers is a franchise that engages fans across generations and entertainment platforms. The appeal of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars as both an action-packed game and esport is a great example of that. We’re proud to team up with nWay, Saban Brands and Amazon to further extend our brands and activities in competitive gaming,” said Peter Levin, President of Interactive Ventures, Games & Digital Strategy, Lionsgate.

What sets Power Rangers Legacy Wars apart from previous attempts to bring the franchise to gamers is how they tackled all of the characters available. Rather than focusing on one generation of Power Rangers, and alienating fans of others, Legacy Wars features ALL of the Power Rangers and their various enemies, hence the title Legacy Wars.

“As one of the first truly synchronous multiplayer mobile fighting games, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a perfect fit for Mobile Masters Las Vegas, letting fans see some of the very best players go head-to-head live,” said Taehoon Kim, CEO, nWay. “Events like Mobile Masters show off the deep following and high quality of competitive mobile gaming, and nWay is excited to continue creating experiences that are both fun to play and watch for the growing esports community.”

When the qualifying rounds are done, the top four players of each region will fight in a final live tournament via MMLV. The winner of this tournament will be crowned the first official Power Rangers Legacy Wars Champion. The tournament will be aired on Amazon Appstore’s Twitch channel.

“Like the Power Rangers franchise, esports has been built through a strong community and over the years, that community has morphed into one of the biggest and most engaged,” said Janet Hsu, CEO, Saban Brands. “In bringing Power Rangers: Legacy Wars to Amazon’s Mobile Masters with nWay and Lionsgate, we’re merging two incredible fans bases while we continue to expand the Power Rangers’ interactive footprint.”

eSports are obviously a growing segment of gaming and entertainment. I remember when it was extremely rare for a gamer to win money or be offered a job just based on their gaming skills. Now, it is common place to see headlines detailing someone in Ohio won an online tournament for $100,000 or more. Yep, eSports whether you love them or hate them or don’t care, are here to stay and only get bigger.

Want to throw down and possibly win this tournament (grand prize is $10,000 and a cool title) head to the ESL website.

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