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Preview- Indestructible by Glu Mobile on the Zeepad 7″ Android Tablet


I am a huge fan of Twisted Metal, I came into knowing about the game series from reading Gamefan Magazine and finally took the plunge when I saw that the local Electronics Boutique had Twisted Metal 2 in stock and a used PSOne on sale.  The closest that portables have gotten to having a legitimate Twisted Metal game was Twisted Metal: Head On on the Sony PSP (why was a Twisted Metal title not a launch game for the Vita?) and that title fell short to say the least- though it was pretty good, it still just didn’t feel “right”.

Enter Glu Mobile and the, pretty, open Android platform and a little title called Indestructible.  While not a Twisted Metal title per se, it is pretty close in an overhead vehicular action blast fest.  There are In App Purchases so if you are letting the little ones play, watch their activity closely so that you don’t have any unwanted purchases on your credit card.


There isn’t much of a story, just jump in and blow stuff up in a 3D game world where mayhem rules.  Check it out now, it is free (other than In App Purchases) and I will be waiting online.

Indestructible by Glu Mobile
Platform: Android
Genre: Overhead Action/Shooting
Rated: Low Maturity
Available now on Google Play.

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