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Preview: Pitfall! on Android As Endless Runner


Growing up, playing the Atari 2600 was a thing of joy, other than it we had to go outside if we wanted to play any type of “game”.  While I would wait for my father to get home from working at a sheet metal shop, I would pass the time after finishing homework by playing Pitfall, Pac-Man (it wasn’t THAT bad) or I would play E.T. (again, not as bad as people want to make it out to be).  Pitfall was one of those titles that I just didn’t “get” but my brother could play it like a violin.


Over the years, we have seen Pitfall! come back on newer platforms (Genesis, SNES and Playstation/PC jump to mind with at least one portable game in there somewhere).  The title we are previewing here has been on iOS devices for awhile now (since about August) but it just hit Android.

What we have here is a remake of the idea of Pitfall! within the style of something similar to Temple Run but it is infused with 2.5D graphics that span around, behind and all sorts of different dramatic directions.  Very cool as a full on remake would not be as well received.  Our review will be live later this week, after Christmas but for now, 3D/2D running fans grab it while it is free and just enjoy it.

Pitfall! by Activision Publishing Inc.
Platform: Android
Genre: 2.5D Running Game/Retro Remake
Rated: Everyone
Available now on Google Play.

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