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Preview: Wild Blood by Gameloft on the JXD S601 Android Hand Held Device

wild blood gameloft android google 3rd person unreal (2)

Wild Blood, a 3rd person action hack and slash title that I would have sworn would not run on the single core, 1 gig, 512 mb of RAM JXD S601, this game simply should not run but it does.  I am using Skelrom 1.5 for those that may be experiencing different results and want to have the game running as described in this preview and the subsequent review to follow.

Basically, King Arthur has gone mad and is making some really stupid decisions, could Morgana be the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes?  Wild Blood tells the story of Sir Lancelot and his journey to fix the problems at hand, take down some seriously huge creatures and restore order to the land.

Now that we have the story out of the way, onto the graphics (everything else will be covered in the review to follow this weekend).  Running on the Unreal Engine for Android, Wild Blood is a beautiful game and one that will make your jaw drop when you realize you are playing this on a sub $75 portable device.  Don’t believe me, just check the screens out.

Wild Blood by Gameloft
Platform: Android
Genre: 3rd Person Hack and Slash
Rated: Medium Maturity
Available now on Google Play.

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