Project S-11 Blasts Aliens on the Game Boy Color: Today in History- January 3rd, 2001

Overhead shooter games were once the great genre of gaming, no system lived without at least a handful of really good shooters having been released for it. The Game Boy Color is no different, even above the curve in may respects. Take Project S-11 which was released today in 2001, a time when gaming was further solidifying its dedication to first person shooters (similar idea but completely different execution- no pun intended).
Praised for having qualities from Raiden, Space Megaforce and other classics (IGN review referenced), Project S-11 is chock full of aliens set on destroying the inhabitants of the planet Earth (that is us for those that don’t know what planet they are on).

No slow down, detailed graphics (for Game Boy Color standards) and interesting offensive weapons to take down the enemy. Sunsoft hit the right elements with Project S-11, something they were pretty good at when picking games to publish.  This should come as no real surprise as Sunsoft has a bit of experience with overhead scrolling shooters- they released Firepower 2000 on the Super Nintendo.  Sadly, they were absent from this genre for pretty much the rest of their publishing career- settling on licensing intellectual properties from outside of gaming (Batman, Superman, etc).

Project S-11 is not available digitally so fans wanting to play will need to either purchase a GBA, or Game Boy Color, and the game through a third party.  If you have access to a local used game shop then that would probably be your best bet in getting a copy of Project S-11, otherwise hit Ebay.  The game is worth more than a few bucks to a fan of the genre but for everyone else, it may not be all that interesting.  Check out the embedded Youtube video for an idea of the gameplay before you commit to buying.