Prototype: New Version of Alien vs Predator Found for Atari Lynx

This is interesting news to say the least.  The Atari Lynx was Atari’s, only, hand held device to be released and, depending on who you ask, it was a horrible failure for the company.  We did see some great games for it though, games that, honestly, should have done better and could have had Atari just been able to promote them and the hand held properly.  Titles such as a new Gauntlet, Batman Returns and Blue Lightning to name a few were great games that had the impact of a wet paper sack does holding back an attacker.  There are plenty of “What if” theories for the Lynx, and other platforms that go along the lines of “if this/that game” was released the system would have rocked.  Few are based around facts, basing squarely in fantasy.  Looking at some of the prototypes that have surfaced for the Atari Lynx such as Alien vs Predator, things might have been different if Atari would have been able to get their head out of the sand.  What if indeed.

alien_vs_predator_atari_lynx_FPS_shooter (2)This latest prototype that has surfaced brings the total number for Alien vs Predator to three different versions.  This latest version has a few notable features that the other two prototypes don’t have.  Namely, slightly more animation in enemies and shaded floors and ceilings.  The speed is reported to be slightly slower thanks to the shading in the level though.  Also, there is apparently more overall detail in the levels and different story frames in the game.

alien_vs_predator_atari_lynx_FPS_shooter (3)So, do you think the events that surrounded the Atari Lynx, and later the Atari Jaguar, could have been positively affected had Alien vs Predator been released on the Atari Lynx?  There weren’t any first person shooters for the Lynx, though at the time the genre was still quite in its infancy.  This is especially true on consoles and hand held systems.  Still, do you think AvP could have changed the Atari brand for the better?alien_vs_predator_atari_lynx_FPS_shooter (4)

Source: Atari Age forums