Q Bert Rebooted Released for NVIDIA Shield Android Device

The classic Q Bert game has been eyed by a lot of gamers over the years as either demon spawn or a cool game.  Which side of the fence you fall on depends on the aggravating diagonal control scheme.  Okay, you could fall on either side of the fence for another reason but I wager the controls are up there.  Now owners of the NVIDIA Shield can enjoy the infuriating entertainment of Q Bert.

Features include:

* 2 Fun Play Modes, Classic Arcade and Q*bert Rebooted!
* 8 Exclusive Music Tracks By Env!
* Improved Graphics & Frame Rate
* New Particles & Lighting System
* Physically Based Shaders
* TV User Interface with NO ADS!
* Coily and the rest of the crew are back with 3 New Enemies :- Homer, Uppercut and Treasure Chest
* 30+ New Levels in 3D Rebooted Mode
* Earn Crazy Q*bert Variants like Q*zilla, Q*bot, Q*knight and more

Gottlieb released Q Bert in 1982 to arcade goers across the United States and the game has been causing rage quits since.  I am not knocking the game for being bad, it is a classic.  I am just trying to convey the annoying level of frustration I personally experience with the game thanks to the diagonal control scheme (setting it to traditional methods doesn’t help).

If you are new to Q Bert or want to enjoy the classic arcade game on your NVIDIA Shield Android device then here you go.  There are no In App Purchases to worry about when playing.  It is a premium title though so support publishers making games you want and maybe, just maybe, we will get more of them.

Q Bert by NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios
Genre: Arcade, retro, reboot
Platform: NVIDIA Shield Android Device
In App Purchases: None
Rated: Everyone 10+
Available now on Google Play