R-Type II II Now Available on Android Thanks to DotEmu

As reported earlier, R-Type II was heading to Android soon. Soon turned out to be today. This port features all of the challenge of the arcade original coupled with many extras for today’s gamer.

The arcade’s six levels are all represented here, no more stifled portable ports of arcade titles, all power-ups and attachments made the trip too. R-Type II is classic arcade side scrolling pixelated shooter action at its finest. DotEmu has gone the extra mile to cater to as many gamers as possibly by including autofire as an option, an easy mode with unlimited lives (your reflexes may not be as good as they used to be) and 11 Google Play Games achievements are available to unlock.rtype ii android google play dotemu

DotEmu has also paired up R-Type II with a ton of physical controllers from the MoGA series, support for Xperia Play, NVIDIA Shield and many more physical options.

R-Type II by DotEmu
Genre: Side scrolling shooter
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play