Rainbow Brite Journey to Rainbow Land Game Inbound

Rainbow Brite, owned by Hallmark Cards, is one of the rare 1980’s properties to not at least receive a “homage” game is about to receive her own full-blown title. Coleco have licensed the Rainbow Brite characters from Hallmark Cards with intent to create a new table top game. Back in the day, Coleco were known for doing things like these table top gaming devices – remember, this was years prior to the Game Boy. Rainbow Brite Journey to Rainbow Land is an all new adventure title which represents a few firsts.

The biggest, at least to me, is that this is the first Rainbow Brite game to be released. I am not counting possible legally questionable ROM hacks by fans here, I am looking at officially licensed product. Rainbow Brite is a pretty interesting license for gaming as there is a rich world to draw from and there are no other Rainbow Brite games to dilute the license.

Second, this is one of the first of many, new Coleco games we can expect to see. Not to mention it is the first new table top game from Coleco in years.

Enough with the nerd stuff, how is the game so far? I must go off the video as that is all that is available now so your thoughts may differ.

What I can see from the video shows that this is going to be an overhead adventure, not unlike The Legend of Zelda though with slightly better graphics. Considering enemies are fashioned after real world creatures (frogs, crabs, etc) it is easier to tell what the artist was going for and therefore easier to make out what to avoid. The video is extremely short, less than 30 seconds, but we get a taste of what to expect from the table top.

So far, the only information I have on Rainbow Brite shows it will only be available in table top form. These usually sell for $20 in Walmart but that is other companies (who produced Frogger, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and another recently). I am not sure what the Coleco table top for Rainbow Brite will be priced at.

Source: Coleco.com