Re-Volt 3 Enters Pre-Registration on Google Play

The Re-Volt series is a well-remembered franchise from the bygone days of the 32 and 64-Bit eras.  Who doesn’t have fond memories of racing the little RC Cars around the tracks full of oversized objects like cars, curbs and safety cones?  Now, WeGo Interactive are bringing the third installment of Re-Volt to Google Play gamers with some nice bonuses if you go ahead and pre-register.

For those that don’t know what Re-Volt was about, it is an RC Car racing game.  Remember those little battery powered, remote controlled, vehicles that were the rage in the 80’s (and the price tag reflected this)?  This is a game series based on those.  The cool thing about the Re-Volt series is that designers can take you to places that you could never, honestly, traverse while staying within range (of both view and of your controls to the vehicle) in real life.  Who tried running their RC Car through a culvert only to wonder why it didn’t come out the other side?  Yeah, no more worrying about that in the Re-Volt games.  Nor do you have to worry about telling your parents, or worse your wife, that you wrecked that $100+ present within 5 minutes having it.  The Re-Volt series touched that part of the childhood memories for a lot of gamers.

CEO Roy Park of WeGo INTERACTIVE asserted that “the new Re-Volt 3 retains the concept from the original PC game while including upgraded graphics and systems to not only satisfy fans of the original game but also excite young new gamers who are used to the latest mobile games. I hope for a lot of participation and support for the pre-registration event.”

If you pre-register on Google Play for Re-Volt 3 then you can get some nice goodies.  First, you will get $20 of in game items (yeah, there are going to be In App Purchases).  What are these In App Purchases you are getting?

200 gems
30,000 coins
30 batteries
5 premium cards

I have no idea how that stuff translates to how quickly you will go through the items versus how hard it is to acquire more.  Going by names and quantities, I figure gems will be the costliest quick to burn item on that list.

Still interested in Re-Volt 3?  Head over to the WeGO page to grab your pre-register bonuses and then hit Google Play to get registered as to when the game is released.