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Reading Digital: Carnival of Souls Issue Zero- Riddle of the Skull


Sitting down and reading Carnival of Souls Issue Zero- Riddle of the Skull was quite a fun experience.  See, I am a member of the “Carnie Army” as Jazan Wild calls fans of Carnival of Souls fans and I am proud of it.  The books are great, awesome artwork (only improved with the addition of Rudy Vasquez) and the aura of fun permeates the pages with each panel you look at.  Carnival of Souls comics are not just comic books, they are a brief look at another world, one where clowns are not quite what they appear to be (when are they?) and magic is real.

I recently sat down with Jazan Wild, the creator/founder of Carnival Comics in a special interview and it opened up a lot of inner details about the Carnival of Souls books, definitely read the interview before reading the latest Carnival of Souls book.  I also recently made a preview of the Zero Issue with cover reveal available.

Here we learn how the first carnival came about and we learn just how devious things truly are behind the scenes.  Sekani, the Laughing God, just wanted his people to be happy and to see them enjoy his carnival as much as his vision would allow.  As these things usually go, that was not the will of fate and things quickly go down hill for Sekani, his kingdom and his dreams.RIDDLE_OF_SKULL_AMAZON_HR_05

Love betrayed, traitors revealed and dealt with and somewhere in the midst of all of that, Sekani gets the last laugh.  Visit the Carnival of Souls and try to solve the riddle of the skull today on Amazon.  For a limited time, Riddle of the Skull will be free on Amazon so grab it now and enjoy the masterful classic horror film style artwork, amazing story and call for the curtain to rise, if you dare.

Carnival of Souls- Riddle of the Skull on AmazonRIDDLE_OF_SKULL_AMAZON_HR_03


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