Real Reason Super Mario Run Released with In App Purchase Versus Demo Plus Paid Edition

It is no secret by now that Super Mario Run is not fairing that well on iOS. Over 55,000 fans have taken the time to give the debut Nintendo game on mobile a rating. That rating is squarely in the middle ground and not exactly screaming fan satisfaction. Also, Nintendo’s stock has taken a hit since the launch of Super Mario Run on iPhone. That is all fine just life (can’t please all of the fans and stocks rise and fall) but has anyone stopped and thought why Nintendo released Super Mario Run like they did? The reason is very much Nintendo and could be the reason we don’t have an Android version now, or possibly ever.

Fans are outraged, for some reason, that Nintendo is charging $10 for the full game. This is a common practice with many game publishers but for some reason Nintendo fans are upset about it. It is nothing new, seriously. What is new, though, is why Nintendo did it this way.

You see, on iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices) there is this little thing called Family Share. This allows families to, well as the name implies, share purchases across many devices. Since this is Nintendo we are talking about here, this is a big no-no in their books. How they got around this is by placing the purchase as an In-App Purchase within Super Mario Run.

Had Nintendo just done the seemingly sensible thing and released a three level demo of Super Mario Run alongside the paid version then their plan would not work. If Nintendo had done this, then anyone that purchased the game outright would be able to share with their family according to the Family Share rules set by Apple. Nintendo wants security and obviously to be paid for their games so Family Share would go against those policies.

By releasing Super Mario Run like Nintendo did, every fan that wants to play past the first three levels will have to pay $10 to do so. This is classic Nintendo and it makes me wonder why people are surprised at this activity.

Grab Super Mario Run off the iTunes App Store.