Relaunching Gaming on Batteries

Gaming on Batteries Issue #1

What you are reading right now is something I thought would never happen. Many years ago, about half a decade or so, I was foolish. I let go ownership of Gaming on Batteries. I was fortunate enough to secure the rights to the site again and here we are. For many years, Gaming on Batteries was hocking Nike shoes for an affiliate salesman. Those days are long gone and we are now in a position to rebuild and relaunch.

Our plan for the relaunch of Gaming on Batteries will be a little different than how we operated in the past, or how we operate our other sites – Gravis Ludus and Retro Gaming Magazine. Mainly, we are focusing on mobile gaming, as our tag line says, if it runs on batteries we will cover it. We are going to stick to that with a few surprises that I am sure will make readers happy.

Don’t worry, just because someone made a portable Playstation 4 or Xbox One X or S doesn’t mean we are going to all of a sudden use that as an excuse to cover those console games. Though, that would make a very funny April Fool’s joke, wouldn’t it? May have to write that down somewhere.

Being focused on portable gaming means we will cover platforms such as the Atari Lynx, Nintendo Game Boy (Color, Black and White, Game Boy Advance), Nintendo 3DS, and DS, Playstation Portable, PS Vita, etc. We will also cover Android and iOS gaming – there are a lot of cool games on those platforms that are completely overlooked because of the sheer number of releases that occur daily on those platforms.

While mobile gaming may be the worst thing to happen to gaming for many of our readers, it is a necessary evil so to speak. We here at Gaming on Batteries are mostly Android users but plan on covering Apple’s devices from time to time – even Microsoft platforms. You may be asking why Microsoft platforms, isn’t Windows Phone dead? Why, yes, it is. That doesn’t mean that the few million Windows Phone users have all of a sudden stopped using their devices. Same for older generation Android and iPhones. Our coverage in those areas will mainly focus on what good games you can still play on older hardware – not everyone has a few hundred dollars for the latest iPhone or Android device. We understand that and plan on helping you out whenever possible.

We will make a poll available from time to time across many locations – here on Gaming on Batteries and our social media – asking for your opinion on what we should cover. Afterall, Gaming on Batteries is all about what the readers want. If no one votes on say, Windows Phone coverage, then we won’t waste our time covering that platform till you, the reader, shows interest in it. This means you have direct control over what is published here on Gaming on Batteries, and how often. If an overwhelming number of readers want more iOS and less Android, more Nintendo 3DS and less PSP/Vita then we will oblige. Your call, my friends.

Our plans for the future of Gaming on Batteries is pretty bright. We do plan on relaunc the magazine, updating our YouTube channel more often, and starting a podcast. I know, that all sounds like a lot of work, it is. At least for myself and my team. For you, our friends, it is going to be a lot of enjoying GoB content on your terms. If you prefer print then grab the mag, audiophiles will want the podcast. Prefer to see things in action? YouTube. We just need to know what you prefer so support what you like and we will pay attention to it and produce more content there.

Some of you may be wondering where all of the old content went. It is not completely gone but it is mostly so. I do have a backup of an older version of the site and may at some point bring that online so we can offer a more complete gaming on the go experience for you.

I have hired a layout designer and will have “HD remakes” of the first three issues created and made available to anyone that partakes in the contest we have coming up to celebrate the relaunch of the print and digital magazine. This is our way of saying thank you to the people that supported us and helped make Gaming on Batteries such as special site to work on. The “HD remakes” will replace the original editions at some point, probably later this year or early next, and the originals will no longer be available for purchase. This will sort of preshadow our intent with the mag as we go forward. Gaming on Batteries Magazine will be available for a short period of time and then no more copies will be sold. We may “pull them out of the vault” for special occasions but it will not be a regular occurrance – if you want a copy, you will need to act quickly to secure it. We will not be offering subscriptions for the foreseeable future for various reasons. While subscriptions are nice for the reader,  they are a major headache on the financial side of the equation. We will have options for readers to use that will offer guaranteed delivery of the next issue though.

We are planning on releasing the magazine at a rate of six regular issues per year with a special issue for members only.

The podcast is still a scheduling nightmare but it is being hammered out a little more every day. Nick Abrams and myself will more than likely be the main hosts to appear regularly with other GoB staff appearing as they are available. This won’t be a goofy roundtable style show where hosts spend more time saying ‘um’ or ‘I don’t know’ throughout the show than they do actually discussing topics at hand. I personally hate that type of hosting in a podcast (imagine ‘um’ randomly appearing in this article for instance – it would be annoying, same for audio). Nick has a lot more experience than I do at audio hosting so there will be a lot of mistakes, at least early on and probably by me more than anyone else. It will be a new experience for me and one I look forward to.

The YouTube channel will be a mix of “Let’s Play” style videos of raw footage and traditionally hosted “talking head” videos because we see YouTube as a big part of what we are building here. We are probably not going to record live episodes of the podcast via YouTube because the show is not going to be recorded on one sitting. Therefore, “live” recordings would be random and probably at times that a lot of viewers would miss out on joiningi in.

Taking on the challenge of relaunching Gaming on Batteries is no small task. We had a fair amount of success with the site in the past and that has left us with a few, very, big pairs of shoes to fill. For most that are readin this, you probably don’t know about the history of Gaming on Batteries and this is just a “new” site that is coming online for you. For you, welcome. For those that remember Gaming on Batteries from the hayday, welcome back and let’s rock this.

With all that being said, let me know what you want to see on Gaming on Batteries. What is your favorite go to game while traveling?

Carl is a portable gamer (mainly PSP and Android) currently getting his butt handed to him in MIniclip’s Beast Quest on Android. Got a cool tip or inquiry about Gaming on Batteries? Contact Carl and he will be in touch ASAP.

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