Rethink Death with Persephone Out Now on Android and iPhone

Persephone Android iPhone

Mobile gamers are probably tired of puzzle games by now. Well, the match three type anyhow. If you are not sick of unique puzzle games then you will want to give Persephone a shot. For one, how it handles death is a striking difference in comparison to other action puzzle games like Lara Croft Go (Android and iPhone) or Lara Croft Guardian of Light (PlayStation, Steam, Xbox). Death in Persephone is not the end of your game but an ends to solving the puzzle.

There are about 60 levels available in Persephone and each one has unique challenges for you to complete. Rushing through them will simply end with your frustration taking over and possibly missing the obvious solution. With that in mind, you must keep in mind that sometimes death is an option you must embrace in order to progress.

Getting around that simple detail, a fact that gamers have had ingrained in their minds, is the greater challenge in Persephone. In every other game, for the most part, death is to be avoided at all costs as it meant your game was closer to being over. Not so in this mobile puzzler.

Death is used as a play mechanic. When you die in Persephone,  your body is left on the playfield. This means your carcass can impact what is going on in the level – be it resting on a switch, blocking a laser, providing a bridge, etc. This is why death is handled uniquely here – used as a component of the levels.

Persephone just launched on Android and iPhone so go grab it and support developers and game publishers making games we want to play.

I just want to say, I am not sure why this game requires basically a “mature” rating on iTunes but only E10+ on Google Play. Maybe Apple doesn’t have a rating close to E10+?

Persephone by Plug in Digital
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Action, puzzle
In App Purchases: No
Rated: Everyone 10+ on Google Play and 17+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.