Retro Freak Pre-Orders Open in Japan, Fans of 11+ Platforms Rejoice at Once

The Retro Freak is a console that is definitely on our watch list around here at RGM.  It is promising quite a bit inside of its plastic casing, some might say it is will suffer from an identity crisis due to the sheer number of platforms supported.  While not supporting nearly as many as the RETRO Video Game System will, theoretically, support, the Retro Freak certainly has the main platforms covered.  Unlike the RETRO VGS though, owners of the Retro Freak will be limited to what was released over the years for those retro platforms while the RETRO VGS will support all new software.  The Retro Freak is more of a platform emulation machine while the RETRO VGS is an all new console that will support “emulated” versions of classic platforms so that programmers can work within the confines of familiar territory.

The latest news that we have learned about the Retro Freak is that there is a controller breakout box, if you spring for the higher priced version.  As our friends over at Retrocollect mentioned, it is indeed interesting that Cyber Gadget is releasing a controller adapter box.  This makes some sense considering the cheaper version will come with its own classic style controller for fans to use.  If opting for the breakout box fans will be able to use their original controllers for each platform, heightening the immersion possibilities for retrogaming fans.

Currently, we are unsure as to whether the Retro Freak will be available outside of Japan- Amazon Japan is the only option to pre-order this new console right now and there is no shipping outside of Japan on this item.  That is a bummer.

Image Source: Retro Gaming History

Image Source: Retro Gaming History

This reminds me of the good old days (I am wearing rose colored glasses here) of retrogaming when you had to “know someone” in Japan to get Japanese games.  Import stores were not all that popular, foreign games were rare to see and it was overly expensive when you did see them.  Nowadays we are spoiled with shipping services, people that are more than willing to act on your behalf in another country and other wild options to get imports without exorbitant prices.

As the Retro Freak develops I will do my best to bring that information to you.  What about the Retro Freak has you most excited?  Is it the multiple platforms or is it the controller breakout box?  Something else?

Source: Retro Gaming History via Retrocollect

Thanks to Retrospilling on Twitter, the Retro Freak can be pre-ordered through Play-Asia