Retro Review – Godzilla Domination – Game Boy Advance

When I first discovered Godzilla Domination, I was apprehensive about it.  I was a dyed in the wool fan of King of Monsters fan from way back when it first hit arcades (and later certain home consoles).  One thing that constantly came to mind while play KoM oh so many years ago was how cool would it be to have this game model with the Godzilla license?  There was a ton of movies that featured many monsters and locales that could be used in the game.  Wayforward and Atari must have thought the same thing.

The fan service here is through the roof, we have mainstays like Mothra, MechaGodzilla, Megalon and Rodan among other giant monsters waiting to wreak havoc on the cities, space stations and other outer space levels.  While not following any specific movie storyline, Godzilla Domination does have it’s own story involving a meteor that changes all of the giant monsters- other than Godzilla of course- into marauding structure destroyers.

I have to admit there is a rather large bit of fandom fueling my wanton need to cover this title here.  As mentioned in the opener, I am a big fan of the King of Monsters titles and I grew up watching old Godzilla movies on various channels that had nothing better to show at the time (apparently the movie license was pretty cheap for awhile).  Nothing wrong with being a fan of a franchise, I think.

godzilla domination gba retro

Game play is spot on, after all it is Wayforward behind this, and controls work as well as they can when you are in control of a giant lumbering creature beating up another huge creature in quite destructible environments.  While not as populated as the King of Monsters titles, the levels are still well structured for mayhem and give that satisfying feeling when the battle is over and it is all laid to waste.

If you have the hardware to play Godzilla Domination then grab it, especially for Godzilla or King of Monsters fans.

Godzilla Domination by Atari
Developed by Wayforward
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Arcade Action
Rated: E for Everyone
Availability- Ebay or possibly local store that carries retro titles