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Retro Themed iOS Titles on Sale

warcom gauntlet

If you are a retro gamer at heart and own an iOS device, here is a list of games on sale right now, for a limited time, that you need to check out.  We have side scrolling action games, we have side scrolling and overhead shooters, action and adventure, it is all here.  Now get to reading and let us know what you end up purchasing in the comments below.

Bio Crisis will feel right at home with gamers that remember Commando, Guerrilla War and Ikari Warriors on NES.

 Blazing Star is a Neo Geo side scrolling shooter full of almost too much detail.

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe is everything that we used to love about 2D side scrolling action adventure titles from the 16-Bit days.  Grab it now, it is free. Review here.

Overhead shooters were once a severely shorted genre and now they are making a comeback, finally.  Icarus is a futuristic shooter with combos and great graphics and a great price.Metal Slug 1, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug X are all on sale too.  These are great Neo Geo, overly detailed side scrolling shooters. Android versions on sale too.

We have a review and interview forthcoming on Plasma Sky but the devs have decided to put it on sale (Android version too) so we wanted to include it in this huge list.

On Neo Geo there was an overhead bi-plane shooting game similar to the 194x series by Capcom, Rotor Episode 1 has that look to it that is appealing and clean.

Remember the magic of playing a great Disney licensed side scrolling game on your NES, Genesis or SNES?  Rushing Alice has the look that is very close to the classics.

WarCom: Gauntlet is a side scrolling action title reminiscent of Contra and other side scrolling action titles of the 16-Bit days.VR Mission HD is very very close to the original Metal Gear games on the Nintendo Entertainment System (overhead stealth/adventure)

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