RetroStar Launches on Google Play and Amazon App Store

RetroStar SinistarSoft

It is not all that often that we get to discuss a new game by developers that were in the business since the 1980’s. That is exactly what we get to do with RetroStar by SinstarSoft. More on that in a minute. Fans of classic 3D space battles will be right at home with this one. What is interesting is the input options the developer has made available – I think they covered all the bases. And then some.

Anthony Ball is the man behind SinistarSoft, publisher of RetroStar. Anthony has a few game titles under his belt including the NES version of Cabal and Mercs for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST and SuperHero for the Commodore Amiga. That last one featured programming tricks to get 32,000 colors on screen on the 4,000 color Commodore Amiga. The man has been around for a while too, not just gone for 30 years as he created BASIC for the PSX and created a keyboard interface to use standard PC keyboards. He also created a devkit and transfer system for the Sega Dreamcast (dcxfer). The man knows programming.

RetroStar SinistarSoft

Why am I bringing up his past in an article for his new game? Because RetroStar only took six weeks to program and this is his first 3D game.

“I recently showed one of my other games at an event and a couple of people were interested in how I programmed it, I showed them Gideros and the RetroStar demo – it grew a bigger crowd than the game I was showing so I decided to make it into a full game!” says Anthony.

“I wanted to create something that is a blend of old style low-poly 3D, a traditional 2D arcade shoot-‘em-up pace and 1970s cinematic space sci-fi explosions. An odd mix, but I think I succeeded!”

About those input options. SinistarSoft have programmed RetroStar to work with a controller, keyboard, or standard touch controls. Whatever works for you is probably available as an input method with RetroStar.

RetroStar by SinistarSoft
Platform: Android
Genre: 3D space shooter
In App Purchases: Yes, to unlock full game
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play and the Amazon App Store

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