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Review: Absolute Defense by Defcon Studio on the Zeepad 7 Inch ICS Tablet

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Sidescrolling, hard as nails, shooters are almost as rare as their overhead counterparts (check out Rimblade for another retro title in this “revival” of sorts).  Initially, Absolute Defense was not expected to be much, there are a lot of scrolling shooters on Google Play that simply don’t “click” with me and are quickly uninstalled from my Android devices.  Luckily, not only did Absolute Defense impress, it kicked my butt, in a good way- that manner in which you restart thinking “I can do better this time, I just have to do this, or that”.

Playing Absolute Defense reminded me quite a bit of the heyday of scrolling shooters, as it should since it is a throwback title, there are no “auto play” areas here, there are very few powerups that you can actually get without being hit and there is a plethora of enemies heading your way guns blazing.  That is how shooters should be made.  If you were one of the proud members of the “Gaiares Killers” then you will be right at home here with AD.

Powered up weapons fill the screen with tons of power and annihilate anything in their path, till you hit a boss that just laughs as you are apparently just tickling it with fully powered lasers and other munitions you picked up along the level.  If you are looking for a challenge with some nice graphics then you could definitely do worse than Absolute Defense.

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Absolute Defense/Diagnosis Assault by Defcon Studio
Platform: Android
Genre: Sidescrolling, hand you your butt in a brown paper sack hard, shooter
Rated: Everyone
Score: 80/100
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store (it is listed as Absolute Defense 2 though).


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