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Review: Agent Dash by Full Fat on the JXD S601 Android Hand Held


James Bond never ran away from danger, he was usually running into it, or at least calmly dismantling the machinations of the evil doctor or mad scientist of whatever movie he was in.  For the first time, gamers can take the role of a secret agent, much like James Bond, to infiltrate the the secret bases that only mad scientists and mad doctors would call home.  Who else would live in a base that has open lava pits, with no hand rails, electrified fences across walking paths and barrels of toxic waste just spilling out everyhere.  Someone that is up to no good, that is who.

The genre mainstays of swiping left and right to turn are still present (though slightly modified), swiping up to jump, down to slide, and even a bit of Temple Run: Brave’s tap to shoot mechanic appear from time to time.  Gems are the currency of choice in Agent Dash much like every other 3D running game, you will need a ton of them to make purhases that will help in your adventure.

The difference with Agent Dash is that Full Fat have eliminated the whole tilting of your device to move your character around the game play area.  In Agent Dash, players are confined to one of three lanes, this takes care of not swiping to turn in time (a common death in Temple Run and TR:Brave) by simply putting your agent in the far left or right lanes, he will automatically make the necessary turns as they come up (barring any obstacles being in your way).

Agent Dash looks more “jungly” than Temple Run ever did.

JXD S601 Specifics:
As you can see from the pics, Agent Dash on the S601 looks great, it plays great as well.  There is very little hiccupping here, about as much as there is in other similar titles.  The initial loading time is a little longer than expected but that is probably because there is so much more going on in the game world than there is in Temple Run.  Variety in the scenery hits a lot quicker in Agent Dash than it did in Temple Run, lava, waterfalls, tunnels, caves, etc rotate much quicker than expected making it feel like a 2k to 3k meter run seem more fulfilling and entertaining.

Agent Dash by Full Fat
Platform: Android
Genre: 3D Running
Rated: Medium Maturity (Google Play)/4+ (iTunes)
Score: 89/100
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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