Review – Air Attack 2 Overhead Shooter Android iPhone

Classic genres such as overhead shooters have been finding a new home in the mobile world.  That is great for fans that just want to see more overhead shooters.  Many of these newer games are not my cup of tea though- they are of the “bullet hell” style which I can honestly do without.  I prefer a shooter that is more methodical and feature, at least some, tactical gameplay.  That may be why I have lauded the virtues of Sky Force 2014 here on Retro Gaming Magazine.

Set in what seems to be an alternate World War II, Air Attack 2 is all out mayhem.  Not mayhem in a bullet hell style but much more controlled.  Starting out you have a little pea shooter of a plane that is not capable of doing much.  Considering there are plenty of upgrades, including new and better planes, you can either level grind like a role playing game or simply buy your way up.  Yea, there are In App Purchases here but they are not intrusive or all that necessary to enjoy Air Attack 2.

Back to the actual game though.  You are flying a plane that is armed to the teeth.  No worries though, your enemies are just as well armed, and in fact better armed in many cases.  That is what keeps the challenge level up- duh.  What is quite cool is how you handle those enemy planes, tanks and turrets.  While fighting a two tier battle in an overhead shooter is nothing new (we have been doing it since Xevious), here it is accentuated greatly.  Drop a bomb anywhere you want.  Go ahead.  I will wait.  If you hit anything other than a road you were greeted with a rather cool explosion of debris.  See that cool looking Victorian style building?  Drop a bomb on it and watch it crumble in a storm of pieces.

That is one thing that Air Attack 2 has on Sky Force 2014– destructible environments.

When destroying the city below you, along with some enemy equipment, you can receive stars, ingots and money.  These are all used for upgrades of some sort between levels.  Don’t have enough to beat that tough level (such as the level four boss) then go back and grind on levels one, two or three and beef up your plane, or buy a new one.  I prefer level one for grinding.

Air Attack 2 gives you a curve ball right off the bat with the first level boss.  While you may be expecting to fight another plane, you are quickly tossed into the tail gunner position as your pilot circles the enemy installation.  It is your job to take out the turrets in the tower as your plane maneuvers around.  Go ahead, have some fun and enjoy this boss fight and blow out some stain glass windows.  Yeah, you can.

Even if you only casually enjoy overhead scrolling shooters you will get some fun out of Air Attack 2.  It has at worst, tied with Sky Force 2014 as my favorite overhead scrolling shooter and that is saying something.

Air Attack 2 by Art in Games
Genre: Overhead scrolling shooter
Platform: Android and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Everyone on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store