Review: Ava's Quest on iOS

Everyone grows up eventually, leaving behind beloved toys of a childhood that is quickly fleeting. One such young adult, Ava, has just given up all of those toys that created a fun childhood. The problem is, one of those toys, “the witch” is in disagreement with this moving on period of life and takes action against Ava, friends and toys. This all results in a 2D side scrolling action platformer that screams Disney in its visuals.

Playing as Ava, you are tasked with completing the levels without dying. Sounds simple. If you break it down like that, Super Mario Bros is simple. Retro gamers know all about how that description is very very misleading. The same applies here for Ava’s Quest on iOS. What gamers can expect here is a game that screams Disney in the visual art style. That is a good thing because as any retro gamer worth their salt will tell you, the 16-Bit Disney games were some of the best for the time.

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The control layout is always a concern with these types of games on a touch display. Here, Nemo Games have done something very good for the player. The action all takes place above the controller area, rather than “through” it where your fingers would be blocking the action. This simple decision has elevated Ava’s Quest above a lot of the competition that is available on iOS.

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Playing Ava’s Quest is very much like playing a Mario game when he did 2D games. Taking some study notes from the Metroidvania genre and mixing in an art style that is very nice and well thought out levels makes this one of the more interesting 2D action/platform games available.

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Levels are graded on speed, coin collection and other niceties that create some great replay value in the levels. This also allows a lot of stat tracking for speed run fans, how fast can you collect EVERY trophy for each level? It won’t be easy but is possible to do some fantastic times. Fans of 2D classic retro action/platform games will definitely need to grab Ava’s Quest, you won’t be sorry.

Ava’s Quest by Nemo Games
Platform: iOS (iPod Touch 4th Gen used for review)
Genre: 2D Action/Platform
Rated: 4+
In App Purchases: None
Available now on the iTunes App Store and on for Windows computers.