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Review: Battlefriends at Sea on the Zeepad 7 Inch Android ICS Tablet


Growing up I was pretty depraved as far as board games go, my family was not that close knit to play them amongst ourselves and none of my friends were into them either (we were what is known as “The Nintendo Generation”).  Games for us were electronic or outside, none of this sitting at a table and playing against each other, unless it was a Gameboy game that supported the link cable, that is.  I know of Battleship, I have seen the commercials, and even in my adult life enjoyed a few hours playing it, I never got hooked though.  Until now.

Tequila Mobile certainly have taken a classic and shoehorned it into a social game that is quite a bit of fun.  This is one of those types of games that makes you wonder why someone didn’t come up with this sooner?  You know, back in the days of dial up Internet and 56k connections (yeah, kids growing up today have no clue what I am talking about).  Battlefriends at Sea is fully integrated with Facebook, though it is not required to play it does improve the experience.

Each player gets their grid, a variety of six ships and the ability to either place them manually within the grid in an up/down or left/right formation or let the game randomly pick anchoring positions.  The enemy is over the horizon, nice touch on hiding the opponents grid, I liked it and felt it really helped immersion into the game- trying to pay attention to where missiles were coming from as they broke the horizon and then planning a retaliatory shot.

I have yet to run into a problem within the game as far as feeling cheated (there are some powerups like Sonar that can really help but they are heavily regulated so to keep players from abusing them).  If you are like me, growing up not playing this game for one reason or another, or are a diehard Battleship fan, here you go- your digital crack is ready.

Battlefriends at Sea by Tequila Mobile
Platform: Android
Version: 1.0.3
Rated: Low Maturity
Score: 85/100
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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