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Review: Blazing Star by SNK Playmore on the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

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The Neo Geo, a system that not many owned but many know about and probably wanted (who didn’t want arcade perfect home games?).  The price was the biggest hurdle for many gamers back in the day and with a recent relaunch of the basic idea of the system, more gamers will probably get to enjoy it this time than the first trip around the gaming universe.  Thanks to SNK Playmore, some of the best titles that reached retail for the original Neo Geo are available on newer devices such as Android and iOS.

Blazing Star was one of those shooters that got overlooked for many reasons- the CGI graphics, easier game play compared to the previous tile in the series (Pulstar for those interested) and coming in late in the systems life span, a time when many supporters have already moved on.  None of that matters though because, well, the game is great and challenging, just enough to be fun and not stupidly outrageously deadly to the player.

Playing on the S601, using Skelrom 1.5 (review of that coming soon), Blazing Star has the controller buttons already mapped to a convenient layout which maximizes the fun had with the game.  Touch controls are fine on bigger screens that feature capacitive touch but on a screen the same size as a PSP 2000 and single touch resistive, you can forget about being anything but a target for the enemy.

Grab Blazing Star, the price of admission is hundreds of dollars lower than the original retail version (and still quite a bit cheaper than picking up the original used).  Shooters should be done like this more often, great fun, good challenge and a smart ass computer system taunting when you lose- what more could you want?

Blazing Star by SNK Playmore
Platform: Android
Genre: Retro style side scrolling hand you your lunch shooter/Neo Geo port
Rated: Medium Maturity on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes.
Score: 85/100
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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