Review: Block Legend on Android (Not Battle Bejeweled Rather Battle Clickomania/Same Game)

Puzzle games don’t usually have a lot of longevity outside of the actual gameplay. With Block Legend, the block destroying is not the whole game since there are a ton of characters to collect, levels to unlock and bosses to fight. The block busting is still front and center with Block Legend but there is so much more here to enjoy and keep gamers coming back.

This is almost like a turn based role playing game where the battles are decided on the game board rather than picking actions from a menu. The game board is your menu for actions from healing, casting spells, physical attacks or being greedy and going for gold. Different enemies have different turn counters that must count down before they will attack. Every time you destroy something on the board, the counter goes down one. This is not that big of a problem when the enemy has four plus turns to wait but sucks big time when they have to only wait two turns (like certain bosses).

The enemies are unique and interesting too, though they are not as interactive as one might like. They don’t make matches on the board, which probably explains why the battles don’t feel like the computer is cheating like in many Puzzle Quest battles. Enemies just wait their turn and then attack, they sometimes miss, sometimes nail a hard hit or hit a normal attack. The bosses are super powerful and there is a real sense of satisfaction when you bring one down after a hard fought battle.

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When you die, and you will, you get a report on how well you did from your treasure collected to info on the enemies fought and lands visited. It almost makes losing interesting and fun. There are a myriad of characters to collect, levels to unlock and on the fly upgrades to perform on your character(s) to improve their chances of surviving the action.

Improving your character is key to surviving later. Choosing a character that has little life but a lot of power will require a different strategy than choosing a well rounded character. In the game, collecting experience blocks (in battle these become swords for physical attacks) and winning battles is the main, permanent, way to upgrade your character. There are scrolls and potions and even armer/weapons that can be purchased, if you survive long enough to meet a merchant that has something you can afford, that is.

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Others are claiming Block Legend is a Puzzle Quest style game. It is not. Block Legend is not played in any way like Bejeweled, Puzzle Quest or similar titles plays out. If you are familiar with Clickomania, Same Game, or a derivative then you know what to expect from Block Legend. The difference is, the blocks are never ending, at least as long as you are winning. This, for me, is quite cool and a welcome change to the genre as we don’t see many interesting “Same Game” variations.

Block Legend by Dot Warrior Games
Platform: Android (Z740 used for review)
Genre: Puzzle/Battle Clickomania
In App Purchases: No
Rated: Everyone on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and iTunes